Zoloft Class Action Lawsuit

In recent years, several drug safety warnings have been issued for popular SSRI antidepressant drugs like Zoloft linking these medications to serious birth defects in infants of mothers who took them during pregnancy.

These birth defects can include lung defects, neural tube defects of the brain and spine, heart defects, skull deformities, abdominal defects, club foot and cleft palates. Many families whose children have suffered these side effects are seeking information about a Zoloft Class Action Lawsuit.

Since the makers of Zoloft and other SSRI antidepressant drugs failed to warn patients and expectant mothers of the dangers of taking these drugs during pregnancy, they face liability for the birth defects and damages caused to children and families.

Based on the hundreds of millions of patients who have taken Zoloft, experts fear the potential that millions of children could have been injured by this drug. While many would expect a Zoloft Class Action Lawsuit for these injuries, claims for these birth defects are actually being handled on an individual basis.

Lawyers are currently filing individual lawsuits on behalf of those who have suffered from Zoloft birth injuries. These claims can provide substantial assistance to children and families trying to cope with and recover from a serious birth injury.

If you took Zoloft during pregnancy and have given birth to a child with birth defects, it is important that you speak with a qualified lawyer to find out how a claim for your child’s condition may help much more than a Zoloft Class Action Lawsuit.

An individual claim for the damages suffered by your child and family from Zoloft birth defects is actually more equitable than what you would likely recover in a class action lawsuit.

In a class action lawsuit, injured parties are grouped together and made to share in one overall award.  They are also usually prohibited from presenting evidence to a jury on their specific injury and allowed much less input and control over their case.

In an individual lawsuit, such as with a claim for Zoloft birth defects, a family can present their case to a jury in much more detail using the skill of an experienced attorney.  This can result in a ruling on your case based on its own merits without the distraction of other similar lawsuits, and often a larger verdict or settlement.

Lawyers with the Zoloft Litigation Group have filed thousands of lawsuits for SSRI drug birth defects and recovered verdicts and settlements in excess of $1 million for their clients. They are available to discuss your legal options today.

Drug injury lawsuits, such as those for Zoloft birth defects, are complex, expensive and time consuming legal matters that require substantial legal experience, investigation into medical records, testimony by researchers and physicians and the resources to fight large drug companies.

Before choosing a lawyer to represent you, make sure they have experience fighting large drug companies and have the resources necessary to finish your case.

ZoloftCenter.com works with only the top drug injury attorneys in the country to make sure your case is handled properly and you recover quickly.

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